- About Us -

What we represent is the coming together of two worlds: The industry insider view, coming from our many years of experience of being responsible for running various units of insurance companies, creating joint ventures, and taking care of the insurance and banking services of multiple automotive manufacturers, and the "wider market" view, where we bring in years of experience in consultancy that provides a wide-ranging expertise on the the larger insurance, automotive, and banking markets. Our team knows where the sweet spots and the threats are, the upcoming 'big impact" trends, and the areas where some rethinking and adjusting will go a long way.

For us, it's about partnership. At COGITANDA, we've brought together experienced line managers and the consultancy side. Of course the customer is our partner, too. On that basis, we want to discuss things openly and work together, thinking through what really needs to be done, and sort out what is less important.

Last but not least, our name COGITANDA is not an artificial word. It is a Latin word which we translate as follows:

"The things that should be thought about."

What are your most important topics at the moment? Let's talk.
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