- Our Guiding Principle -

It’s a complex world, and it always was. However, the dynamics of change and technological progression is going faster than ever. Any attempt to approach today's business world by searching for the perfect solution covering as many details as possible is the same as fighting fire with oil.

Almost all cases of breakthrough inventions and innovations were simple. The logic behind those solutions is straightforward; the way to get there is not. We believe in reduction of complexity in any way possible. Following that as a leading principle requires an "attitude-free" communication. That means to use a clear, fair and results-oriented language.

All processes benefit from this, beginning with developing the business strategy, target setting, and defining and agreeing on timeframes, roles, costs, resources, and milestones to implementation.

The same is true for any organizational structure - as lean as possible and just a minimum of hierarchy is a necessity to be fast and efficient.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We made this our DNA.
Jörg Wälder, COGITANDA Group CEO
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